Super Kicks

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DailyFreeGames.com - Are you a soccer buff? Here's a simple yet challenging game where you have to be precise with mouse clicking. See if you can beat the highest score!<br><br>It's real simple... Keep the ball in the air by clicking it. Click the ball once to start.



iv never been a big fan of soccer related flash games but this is just so addictive that i now understand why people like them

tried and true cliche

i have enjoyed the classic "kick-ups" style for years now. this was pretty much run of the mill material, although the graphics were pretty nice, especially in the menu. what i really didn't like was how it shot straight to a menu as soon as a game was done, and with an annoying sound effect at that. in the traditional kick-ups, when you finally dropped the ball.. it just displayed the current top score and you can start back immediately. this one you've made forces you to click RESTART.... other than that it was alright

Nothing special

This game is no different from any other keepy up game.

Not bad, but not that great either

Well, after the first few clicks I was pretty addicted. But then after a few more clicks, I grew kinda bored with it. I hate that whistle I will tell you that much :) I would probly play this game again though, it is a good time killer if you don't have a lot of time to kill. But as far as graphics and music, can't say much. They worked for what the author was aiming for though, can't say he was aiming for FIFA '07 or anything :P

More diabolical than Rubick's cube.

You know, for such a simple game, it certainly is MADDENING. <LOL> There just wasn't much in the way of graphics, but what there was was pretty good. The audio was ok, but I found the sfx to be annoying after a couple of trys. I can see where this game could be a bit addictive to those who're determined to win. This is more diabolical than the Rubick's cube since it's not as easy to put down. Well done.

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2.98 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2007
4:12 AM EDT
Skill - Other