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This was created for the RockOut Competition sponsored by New Grounds and Armor Games.

NOTE: You cannot play this game with a laptop, it requires a keyboard, separate from the computer that can be picked up. I'll add in a laptop option soon, but you really miss out on the fun of the game if you aren't wailing on your key-tar.

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i like it.it isCOOL


this does not work when you have a laptop :c
5 stars for the effort

Haha! It rocks!

Very creative, the keyboard upholding thing :). A game like this demands a sequel (or at least I demand it XD) so get on working! Huh...... work on the graphics a lil bit more, will ya? But apart from the drawings the sequel needs only more songs in the same stile, and unlazily as you have done putting the notes on!

Shockingly its good

Usually these kinds of games stink like Keytar hero in that game you cant even hit a note but this is 10 times better and ill list way:
1: You can hit the notes in this game.
2:The songs are decent.
3:You have a button layout thats a bit hard but you can get used to.
4:The notes come at you at a slow and steady pace.
5:The author clearly took his time and made it so that the notes to hit went a long with the song and not just be lazy and stick em were ever.
6:Its kind of like GH.
7:It does not suck.

I will be looking around for a second game, keep up the good work!


Not laptop friendly, but would be with some kind of "flip" option so the buttons aren't back to front. And for everyone who's praising the "Keytar" gimmick for being innovative, this isn't the first.

"frets of fire" actually invented the idea.

I can see this being a fun game but for a laptop, it's more of a brainteaser. The charts seem good and the songs are long (but a bit boring and repetative), and the graphics are very guitar hero style like the set list pencil/paper theme, which serves it's purpose as being a tribute as the author says GH is where the inspiration came from.