Story of Life

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10 minute "slideshow-like" presentation.

Who are you? What is your identity and your purpose? Are you alive or dead? Watch this presentation and learn the story of life(part 1). Part 2 will be out tomorrow. Be blessed.

note: you must do a little reading and clicking to watch this movie. You may need to adjust the quality to medium if your pc lags. Please be patient while waiting for the load screen to start and then finish.

Also let it be known that this project is created by an anti-religious person. I am indeed a follower of Yeshua or Jesus and I am a citizen of the "kingdom" of my father, God. Should this movie impact you and cause you to enter the kingdom of God, be blessed and welcome to eternal life. Should this movie cause you to stumble or join a religion, good luck figuring this out the hard way. ^_^


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i have watched ur part 2 before this one...
they are both awesome!
your flashes has inspired me,



The message stays True, and the art was spectacular. I really enjoied this.


First I just want to say that I enjoyed your illustrations a lot, you have some real talent there.

You could do so much more for the story though. I know there's a better way to tell it than making people read text copied from the bible. That just won't keep anyone attention these days. You might also be trying to tell too much in a small amount of time. Instead of trying to tell the whole thing in two parts and jumping around so much try focusing on more specific stories and making more of them.

It didn't load for me.

Although from the looks of it, other people saw it. Sorry.

J-Mar responds:

You have to wait...patience is the key...literally...if you want to open the door to the insight of this movie you must be patient...if your pc is fast then just click on the button play or skip loading alltogether w/ the skip button.

Great message, iffy flash

I'm glad you had the guts to share your beliefs and the word of God on a website like NG.
Although i really do admire the fact that you took the time to do this, in terms of a flash movie on NG, it was boring.
Just a couple suggestions to spruce it up a bit:
Add voice narrations along with the text
And then just change some of your still animations to movie clips maybe with some sound effects.

I suggest you work on this vid a little more regardless if it gets blammed or not.

And also one question why didn't you just call Jesus Jesus?

J-Mar responds:

Hehe thanks for the advice. I called by the name the name he answered to. His Jewish and correctly pronounced name is Yeshua. I love the Jewishness of it all and hope its a fresh approach at sharing with others the true Messiah, Jesus. ^_^

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3.99 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2007
1:10 AM EDT
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