Roller Coaster

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You own part of an amusement park.

Click on shops or rides to buy them.
Click on puke to clean it up.
Get a higher popularity to unlock new things for your park.
To build the roller coaster drag the roller coaster parts and connect them to the starting track.

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you are a flash god.

This is awsome, but ya. I cinda halft to agree with the people below me, it cold use a few inprovements.


That Goes For The Whole Series. This One Doesn't Let You Make Stuff Other Than An Unfinished Roller Coaster. While 2 & 3 Don't Even Let You Make A Custom Coaster.

Girdf responds:

you probably forgot to put the disc in when you played my game.
you were supposed to open my flash game and put the disc that i totally made called roller coaster tycoon into the computer. it'll open the flash game in full screen and it will show more of the flash. you probably forget. silly you.


it would be oright if it wasen;t inpossible

Girdf responds:

probubly inpossible cus yew dusnt no how to tawk lyk uh normul pursin and reed eenglish. oright?


I was playing and it just suddenly said that I lost ( I did the stuff u sposed 2 do...

Girdf responds:

theres a webcam connected to the game. if you're ugly you lose.

Could do with improvement

Now don't take this the wrong way. This is a great game and could be greater than roller coaster tycoon if you expand the range and improve the graphics. Introduce new things that RCT hasn't thought of, new rides. Things like that. Also setting an entrance price and prices for each ride would be good, more cars on the roller coaster possibly even a loop-de-loop? You might even be able to fit a camera on so you can experience the roller coaster first hand?

The puke was ok but hard to click on. How about making the hit area bigger for it or even being able to hire a cleaner to sweep it up. More shops would be cool. An arcade, whack a frog, ice-cream are a few suggestions. It would also be nice that when you go over a building you haven't bought that you could see how much it costs. I lost several times because I lost all my money buying the swing.

Well you have got my 4/5. Well done!

Girdf responds:

thanks i have already started on a second roller coaster game

this one looks better

has rides and shops from the first one but new rides this time

i'll add a few of the ideas you had some i dont know if i can do

but the part that you can see the price i added

when i made the 1st game i made the little signs next to the shops and rides

but when i put it on newgrounds i noticed the signs were tiny haha

but i was too lazy to fix them

roller coaster 2 should be a lot better than this one


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3.44 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2007
11:56 PM EDT
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