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Rhythm Explosion

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Listen up soldier. We've gotten word that the enemy is planning a four day bombing siege on our city.

Hop on that laser cannon and make damned sure that none of those bombs reach our city. Any of those bombs hit our city, its your ass soldier.


Woot, another great Rockout game, and this time it's a shooter! A classic Command game, just a little more beat to it than the usual. Great initiative; nice work!


I Liked It - Very Original

May I suggest a penalty for missing a missile (possibly breaking the multiplier streak). Since there is none, I could just keep clicking very fast and miss virtually none of them. Other than that, it is a very, very cool game.

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cool one

that was a nice game. it was a little simple overall, but it was still quite nice to play and it was pretty cool for the Rock Out contest as well... nice selections of music for this one too.

Good concept. One suggestion.

The cursor's size is incredibly distracting, and lowers my accuracy overall, because I can't focus on the little red crosshair only. If you could just get rid of everything except the red part of the cursor, that would help make it easier to be accurate with clicking.

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Johnny responds:

Will definitely take that into consideration for a sequel. Thanks!

Too much clicking!

Neato game concept, but clicking once for every missle?!

You need to incorporate ways that cause less clicks per missle. Powerups, larger laser, perhaps a laser beam you can hold for 3-4 seconds to get a row of them?

Just... something to save my poor clicky fingers.

Johnny responds:

Lol. Sorry about your poor fingers! On paper, I actually had tons of power ups, more songs, variations in levels... Time didn't permit though. =(

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4.04 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2007
8:06 PM EDT
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