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Monsters of Rock

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** NOTE: There's a weird issue with the preloader that I'm working on, so if you're loading this for the first time it may take a little while before you see something pop up.

Hope you enjoy this, everyone! It's been a solid 2 and a half months of work. The notes are perfectly synced with a guitar strum in the selected song, just like Guitar Hero! If you get good enough, you should be able to play this with your eyes closed!

If you see any bugs, send me a private message ASAP! DON'T tell me in a review of the game! Thanks!

THANK YOU to Rocker206, Metaljonus and Bad-Man-incorporated for the awesome music! Sooo metal...

A S D F G keys control the strings.
Hold a string to grind a sustained note with a tail.

K or L keys pluck the strings.

Remember, the higher the streak, the more points you get per strum. Opponents get harder as you move along.

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controls broken or what

I like it

Great idea! Poorly executed...

The theme of having monsters battle each other in a rock off, is as brilliant as a pokemon battle. But the game itself is executed poorly. There is barely any gameplay, outside of constantly holding down: asdf, and strumming with k or l. Only every once in a while having to reach over and tap g. Even with the note speed set to hard, the notes go so slow, that it would count as easy, maybe medium in Guitar Hero, maybe. I would love to see you do a remake of this, and do it properly.

To be honest

the game is nice looking and i like the songs... But its not well made game sure it looks nice but hit detection is awfully of the course.

was fun but...

was extremely easy. had fun but it needs to be longer and along with other comments it needs more songs and a quick play.