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1812 Overature

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Play with, possibly the coolest, and most manly musical instrument ever invented -- The Cannon!

FYI: The 1812 overature itself is a public domain song, so its not copyrighten.

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I couldn't help but think this was a tribute to classic Looney Tunes cartoons. What I didn't like about this game was how I didn't understand it. I tried to hit the space bar in the spaces, but the game never really told which color was the best. It didn't tell me in the instructions which specific part I was supposed to hit. I ended up losing and didn't even know how. At least the graphics were pretty good.

There's so many song games, it's strange you would have to use on that isn't copyrighten. I didn't even know "copywriten" was a word. Of course, you might have just made it up yourself. It's just not a really noteworthy rythum game I've played. It's still a bit fun if you're good at it.

Pretty Neat!

The concept of this was funny and amazing, Classical music with a Cannon? EPIC! I also had no problems with the timing and space bar, but it would have been nicer if you could add more spice to the difficulty, maybe Arrow Keys? But for what it is, it was fun to play! :)

is good

it was good,it had that flash of ridiculess you would expect from newgrounds and its not horribly animated either! it was FUN. i didnt have the spacebar problem though. mines an i5 760 or something,state of the art gaming pc,yet most of the time im on the internet playing games like this! ive gota hand it to the maker,he did a FIIIINE job of making a good game. 6/10

Irritating mistiming!

Okay, so the basic idea behind this game is well, kickass. There's no doubt about that. Freaking classical music played by a cannon? Hell yes. However, It's slightly off beat. I'm not sure if this is the game maker's fault or lag or....gremlins in my keyboard. But, to hit the notes perfectly in time to the original recording, on this game is pretty damn hard due to the offbeat fuses that you gotta hit. It threw my brain off a little, but - Nice idea anyway.

pretty funny

fun and the ending was totally funny.

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4.04 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2007
11:11 PM EDT