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Alchemical Musick

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This is an interactive music piece I made for a music and sound for media class I took as an undergraduate. Basically, you click on each of the potions, up to five clicks. Then you click mix - this will mix the potion drops together into a musical potion and a troup of dancing fairies will accompany the song.

Every combination results in a different song - sometimes the differences will be subtle, sometimes great, depending on which colors you pick and in which order.

I've added the interactivity to these music tracks, though the original loops were composed by a guy with the handle of Calpomatt.

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I miss this game. Also, I have been going nuts trying to find the 1 song for the Black Fairy, the upper left flask, or the 2nd tune. It's a haunting song I wish I could recreate, if not save. I love the song, and it's been a song that's echoed in my mind since I was 13. Anyone have a clue how I could get the song/recreate it? It's been years, and Calpomatt's websites are either nonexistent, or hijacked/scam sites. I tried for Flash Kit, and it was only so helpful. I'm not going to trust links, so just tell me sites or places worth visiting. I'm going to try to use FL Studio, otherwise I'm not sure.

Love the game, love the songs, miss all of these classic works. Oh, also a good and catchy mix is:
Blue, White, White, Black, Red. The black and red fairies are the ones that make the amazing beat and rhythm, so you can mute the other 3.

4 whites and 1 black

I like the idea; being able to toggle the different tracks. They all overlap nicely, so you get to listen to some good music and mess around with sounds in a fun way. It seems some layers play louder than others though, and volumes out the other layers. Still great though, and a lot of variations to chose from. Nice work!


3 RED 1 White and 2 Black

Does what it should, pretty well.

The single Blue is kind of overwhelming. A great game, but some of them are really quiet or grainy and have very little to add, while others have multiple loud tracks.

I did like this one:
3 White
1 Black
1 Red

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4.09 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2007
1:26 AM EDT