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NG Artists v1.2

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We made a newer version of the game. We fixed huge problems: the hard rythm game works now, the guitar parts are all working and the money in the shop will not reset anymore

* the game saves everything automatically*
for the best quality without lags, download the game on: http://putstuff.putfile.com/94871/5341419

2 Months ago we saw Tom's topic about the Rock out contest.
We directly started working on a game for the contest,
we never worked together so this was a good opportunity.
After 2 months of hard working we came out with this,
so we hope you enjoy.

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cool -------

This game is awesome

its a good almost

the graphics need to be beter. the characters need to look like they r really playing
more songs!!! insted of just one gutair, piano, and drums just diferent colors use more insterments. use more than one main menu song noone wants to here the same song over and over and over.
ok :D

Okay, so here's my opinion....

It's cool how you can make a band from popular NG characters and make your own songs, but the rhythm part is boring and hard, I would be cool with just the music maker, which is amazing, I'm not striking points off the rhythm game though, since I only played it once...
Amazing game too

bad game

i don't understand the game!
and it isn't fun or something like that

great! except.....

i don't like the rhythm game part. every thing else is cool.