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Was for an FFR ReMix competition, but they changed the song XP.


This has to be my favorite audio.

I absolutly love this song it finds just the perfect blance between dance and rock. The guitar part in the middle really changes the pace of the song. (is that Slayer?) Really what suprises me is that this song didn't become more popular. By the way where is the original song for this? But in the end what I love so much is that this seems so professional, it really makes me think of something Rush would do.

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Manmademusic responds:

Well, one reason why it may sound a lot like Rush is because I am a HUGE Rush fan myself (While I was into drumming, Neil Peart was my fav drummer), and I tend to incorporate a bit of Rush's style into my music sometimes. Yeah, it's Slayer! I'm always trying to find new ways to use it, more ways to make it sound better! This is probably the best use I've gotten out of Slayer, it almost sounds like a real guitar in places. I'm telling you, you would'nt want to hear the original. It's about 20 seconds long, and is IMPOSSIBLE to listen to all the way through without shrieking in horror. It was made for a remix competition on FFR, and though nobody (and I MEAN nobody) liked it, I decided to try and remix it anyway. A rock/dance fusion with some Teenage Wasteland-like rythm guitar lixx was what I got for doing so. Before I could submit it, the people in charge had changed the target remix song, ruining any and all chances I had to win that particular round of the competition. I'm still bummed that I didn't submit it on time, but now I've got a jamming track to listen to when I feel like it :D


This is something rare. A track that hooks me instantly. It had a nice techno kind of sound, but still keeps it's rock quality.

Manmademusic responds:

Heh, not quite what I was going for in terms of the blend of dance and rock, but hey, it works. Thanks for the review!


This was a really original piece! I don't think I've ever heard a Rock piece mixed with a Dance piece. Really good job. haha By the sound of the guitar, it sounds like you used FL Slayer? :D

Well, good job!
PS: Hit me back!

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Manmademusic responds:

Yeah, it was Slayer. I use it alot in an attempt to learn how to use it well. I suppose it was pretty original.... The song that I ReMixed it from is about 10-14 seconds long, so a lot of the stuff that you hear is indeed original. Rock, dance.... It's all good. I was going more for rock than dance, dance and rock don't usually mix too well :P

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May 22, 2007
6:33 PM EDT
General Rock
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