sweet action rpg 3 [demo]

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most of you dont know me, im not that new though. this game is pretty ok. i hope you like it.
dont worry the finished product will be WAY better


good game but.......

the battles take too long if you deal more damage and make faster attacks is will be much faster :)

jakk22 responds:

i know.

not bad

Very amusing,fun yeah there should be names like Jethro95 said good job though ;) lets hope you add alot

jakk22 responds:


Not that good.

When you make a finished version. You should make it where you can go to other places, where there are stores. Definitely put it music. It's boring hearing nothing. You have to put background music, as well as sounds from everything that goes on. When the big monster steps down, since he has stone legs, it'd sound heavy and loud. And maybe have the big monster breathing heavily. Also you should increase the fighting menu. For example:

Attack - You'd be able to click that button just for a normal attack which you have now.

Item - You'd be able to use an item to heal yourself, or to affect the enemy.

Spell - When you buy a spell or learn it from say... an item. You can use those spells in this section.

Special - There would be a bar that fills up in an amount of turns. And it'd be very strong.

That's a few things. If you have anything else in mind, go for it. Also, when you start the game, you should be able to make a name and choose an appearance to your character. Then maybe give him some stats to start with. Either make it so they start with it, or give them a choice. But give them a small amount to start with. Then they'd level up as they go along.

Well that's just a few suggestions.

jakk22 responds:

well i am doing all of that. i already started making new towns. i increased the attack menus to WAY better.
i will probly update the demo soon.


all right needs sound and better fighting

jakk22 responds:

it will

mm demo u say..

well it looks promising, hoping you will develop it ALOT though ;]. Among others your going to need weapons, fighting 2 people ( which have weapons ) with your fists and a blue 'thing' aren't very effective ;]. Overall a nice promising demo.

jakk22 responds:

i am develuping ALOT

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2.14 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2007
9:08 PM EDT
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