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The Eyes of God: A Review

I sat down tody and finished The Eyes of God by John Marco, a high fantasy novel in the vane of Tolkien. The characters are rich with all the backstory and troubles you'd expect from real life people. Although the first section was entirely to sappy and boring, it really picked up later and featured all the brawny action you'd expect from Marco.

Though this book is set in somewhere fantastic, the knights and magic don't really choke the focal point of the story as they do in other novels of this genre. The real gold in this treasure is the character interaction and development. Marco plays out the motions of his characters very well making them all very intricate and interesting. Each person has their part to play and a huge amount of depth along with that, sometimes deceptively hidden during their introduction.

I do have a few squabbles over certain passages, and some parts are left unexplained and involves the reader having to guess as to what the outcome should become. The book is unpredictable, characters act irrationally at times, and at best erratic. Yet the story still seems to flow together nicely.

I think Akeela, Figgis, Gilwyn, Lukien and even Trager are expetionally good characters, with a sturdy background and interloping plots which gives them mystery and intrigue. Best of all their paths in life are wound around each other and best of all Marco is not afraid of change, loss and gain.

All in all, the writing in this one is great but I feel like if you took away the Fantasy trappings the novel wouldn't lose much. Even though the title and setting would lead you to believe that the magic and whatnot is the integral part of the story an adventure through the pages proves otherwise.

My Verdict:;; BUY IT!!!!

Sinitron responds:

the way you move is a mystery

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2.46 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2007
5:02 PM EDT
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