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This is my entry for the Rock Out contest. Take the role of a member of a bar band and jam out to earn cash. Avoid becoming fatigued, hungry, and even anxious by eating scones and drinking cappuccinos. Not exactly the lavish life of a real rock star, but you can customize your avatar and even play some minigames on his home console.

The music portion of the game is randomized whenever the song reaches a certain decibel. This provides you with a fresh way to play each song with each passing attempt.


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I played this game a while back and I guess i forgot how lazy it is. It seems fun at first but then it gets lame real quick. The food serve no purpose, you get paid the same amount of money for every song, and you don't really gain anything. Whats the point? Don't get me wrong there are a FEW things alright about this game and that is the slight bit of creativity with it having customizable features such as the appearance of the character, the guitar, and even the pick! There is some good creative ideas being shown in this game but it just needs more to it, the art, animation, and maybe even add a story! Overall this game needs work.

I3UnGEE responds:

Man, a lot of stuff from myself ten years ago needed work. Haha.

This was something I put together when I was still trying to get used to ActionScript. I definitely wanted to add more, but if i recall correctly, I was too close to the deadline for the Rock Out contest to do anymore, so thus we have a very basic, boring game.

I know it isn't great, but thanks for the review! I often find myself reliving some of these crappy games and laughing over the progress I've made.


Nice collection of small miny games, in a somewhat real parodycal world. Not sure the feedback in all games is that great though. When you play guitar, it's not clear if you're hitting the notes right unless you really do; most games don't have much introductory explanation. I appreciate the fact you can get an overall guide to the game before starting though, and that it's also possible to skip it. That's usable. Overall there's a lot to do and explore in this game, and lots of creative fun. Nice work!



I thought this game actually sounded pretty damn awesome, however when it comes down to actually playing it's a let down. There's little incentive to play the harder songs, as others have said, and generally feels a bit 'souless' to play. I got bored pretty quickly.
There's no point in this being a 'rhythm' game since there's nothing to do with rhythm in this game, the notes come along whenever they feel like it - which can confuse your poor brain -_-


changing ur everything in this game is fun as hell~~~!!! i would definetly reccomend checking out how to play songs in the smoshpit before playing or u will be completely lost when its time to play a song...i know from experience. lol!


I liked playing the first song , the concept of the game is actually pretty cool
after that is where it all goes downhill
you get payed the same amount for playing all the other songs as you do for playing the one that lasts thirty seconds so theres no incentive to play the other levels which drag on with no extra payoff.
I dont see the benefit of eating or drinking in this game.