Arnie deos stoopid lolol

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[UPDATE: I've noticed that the FPS sometimes falters a bit when viewed on this site. It it bothers you, I suggest watching the flash on my website.]

[UPDATE: 'Decent score'? Huzza! Thank you all! ^_^]

My entry to the VGDC Arnie's Misadventures contest.

This wasn't going to hit Newgrounds - because the 'Mario bloopers' idea has been done to death here - but I think it needs to be here as part of the rules, so here it is.

The title for this flash is a brief parody of the idea that there's probably gonna be a LOT of flashes in the contest that have this formula.

I won't be making another 'Mario bloopers' flash in the near future.

This flash contains a few VGDC in-jokes, BTW.

Stick around the main menu for a little bit at least once - you'll find something I added to Randy's intro...

I can't think of anything else to write at the moment, so...enjoy!


Arnie is a retarded little toad

My favorite one was when he stole the triforce from link. Nice animation too

you get the idea! its full of retards! :D

that last part was hilarious! the link and the triforce part was pretty funny too. :D
how come at the end of every part like that ( i mean the link part) every time the person finds what hes looking for, it gets taken away from them!? the one thing he'll say is "quote" "OH CRAP!" it happens every time! that what makes it funny! every time that you see that happen, always look for the "OH CRAP" part.
you'll get a cheap laugh or 2, it happens for me. :D one more thing, if u do get that cheap laugh or 2, think of this review. :D

Arnie is a retard....

Thats why it makes this flash so funny. Nice animatios and such.

holy goombas and koopas!

the 3rd one everyone turned into... idiots? xD


LOL awesome! Good flash 5/5

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Jul 12, 2007
10:57 AM EDT
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