Hurry Bird 2

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Fly through canals collecting orbs in 6 different levels!

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Better than the first one.

I'd have to say this one is better than the first, but more could still be added. Power-ups, for example. And enemies, like a turret or something. This is a good game though, and probably doesn't really NEED all that stuff. The graphics were good, and the game-play was fun. Just like the first hurry bird, I liked this game a lot. Keep up the good work. ;)


^^Good Points^^
A very nice looking game. The instructions were very simple which I liked, and so was the game play. You had great drawings and level designs. Very challenging.

^^Needs Improving^^
One thing I really didn't like was that you couldn't make your bird dive faster. He only fell at the default rate that he does when you don't press up, which made the game really hard. Also, the levels seemed to just repeat themselves over and over, especially the early ones.

Snubby responds:

Yes, thanks for the great review. I toyed with the idea of having the bird fall faster, but then I decided not to do it because I like how all directions move the same speed. The levels do repeat themselves, though the should be longer (they aren't because of lag issues) I think it is better that way. If you've ever been to playflashwincash.com, where people are actually playing the game seriously, you'd see that level repeating is actually better than randomly generated levels because of luck issues. You could get lucky and get a highscore that you dont deserve

Anyway, thanks.

Feels repetitive to me.

I found this to be a tunnel style game; make it as far as you can.

What makes it different, at least to me, is the multiple maps (which happen to be slightly interactive, in a good way...)

Unfortunately, that's where it really ends. The only upgrades involve the high score, which isn't online as far as I could tell. The maps recycle and after a few "hmmm this area is vaguely familiar" I wanted my bird to die. Music really didn't help at all.

I do have a question though. Why do you have it so when the bird hits something with its feet it dies? That's totally illogical, and it always gets me at first that lack of innovation in this style of game always leads developers to miss simple things like that. It *almost* makes me want to make my own tunnel style game to address just that.

Conclusion; Try harder! Too repetitive!

Snubby responds:

Do you know what judgement is? Humor 6, sound 1? What the hell is wrong with you ahhahah.

ummm you forget

that this was a game...its labeled a movie....just to remind you

Snubby responds:

Thanks a lot mate! It's late, I'm tired. Hopefully that won't affect the score ^.^

Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2007
12:11 AM EDT
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