Disaster Warning

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5 more years until disaster strikes...
...Will YOU be ready?

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This won't happen.

A big note to the author: Read the entire review clearly first before you start saying that I'm wrong. If you want to do so, why don't you show some proof or sources that this will happen? Baseless claims aren't good.

The gravitational force won't be enough to cause a tidal wave or something similar even all the planets aglin.

And whats with the meteor/comet hitting earth?
That could lead to to a massive extinction of sorts but I don't see how the planets aglining could lead to that.

How about reaserching more into something first before you give warnings or similar stuff about it?

I may not be an astronomer, but I do know physics very well.
And I also know that even the combined gravitational force of all the planets will not have a siginificant effect on the earth at the distance jupiter, the closest outer planet to earth, is from earth.

In fact, jupiter is further away from us than the sun and the combined gravitational force of all the planets is much much lesser than the sun.
And if the sun isin't affecting us, why would the planets aligning have any effect on the earth?

Also, the planets will almost never align in 3D. They may align quite often in 2D but due to the inclination of the planets, they will almost never align in 3D.
Anyway, I assume that you, being a novice astronomer as you claim, know that the planets are millions of kilometers apart, yes? How about learning some physics to help you understand the efects of forces millions of km apart?

>_> And how easy do you think it is to build an underground shelter? Are you a billionare or something?

And so, now about the video, it's very fast and short. Try slowing the thing down abit. It makes everything easier to see. Also, I don't see what the first part with the volcano and lightning got to do with the "disaster" of the planets aligning. Espically the lightning. something to do with the comet/meteor hitting the earth perhaps?

djstaz0ne responds:

every time the planets align, keiper belt objects are sent out of orbit, they will not necessarily collide with the earth, but they will be displaced.

+if you pull an object in two different directions, what happens? when the planets are in scattered positions in their orbits, their gravitational forces are not focused, but when the planets line up, all that combined force is coming from one point. the combined gravitational forces of the planets, and the gravitational force of the sun cause a gravitational tug-of-war with earth as the rope, which can cause increases in wave height, and tectonic activity.

these are the two ideas my claims are based on.


i have to say thanx for informing me, holy shit im gonna die!!!!

Is there any way to live through this?

We, as humans, are the most intelligent race on the planet...
Surely we can figure something out...
Is there any possible way to live through this?!

djstaz0ne responds:

sure, why not? we have the technological means. The only thing we lack is the collective will. once we have that, we can achieve anything.

looks good but...

far too fast movement. Is this intended as funny, or a fantasy moment or a statement of believed facts?
Whatever it is the movie largley fails because this is not clear.
If it is intended to be factual, you need to quiote your source, preferably with some detail about how these conclusions were reached.
As an amateur astronomer, I know something about this submjext and I personaly don't beleive it at all.
My instinc was to bl@m it, but I thought the graphics looked good and despite its lack of style and, to my mind, good content it would be OK for it to stay. I hope, though, whether it gets through this time or not, you will work on it- it has potential

djstaz0ne responds:

If you know anything about the laws of gravity, you should know what happens when the outer planets align with earth. this is based not only on astronomical cycles, but also on geological evidence. It happened before, and it will happen again. I am not here to prove anything to you... Do your own research. You may be an amateur astronomer, but i am a novice.

I agree with you that it's too short and too fast, but when you get hit by the flood, i will have the last laugh.


I already know of all this and I cry myself to sleep every night because of this, I just got over the fact that were going to be wipe dout very soon and you filled my head up with this crap! curse you!

djstaz0ne responds:

I know... I am sad too, but if i can help those who are unaware, my death won't be in vain.

I plan to build an underground shelter in upstate New York for 1,000 people. If i succeed, you are guaranteed a spot :)

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