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Update: Fixed the continue button on the 7th level and now to enter the level you have to click the green dot.
If you encounter any bugs or anything please tell me.

Nine levels with difficulties that vary with every level.
You can choose between five custom cursors.
Contains an input for passwords to go to certain levels.


The mouse mazes are always fun to play, but with this one I kinda lost interest realy on, during level 2. Just a square, with linear walls going inward and inward... it's not much of an attractive level layout. And what a sudden rise in challenge too. Level one was easy, level two really tries your patience. The game controls are good otherwise; you even added some cheating countermeasures, nice. :) One thing that's not explained though, is that you need to press the green circle to start a level. Might seem obvious but maybe it should be stated. Keep it going!



By the way, I know how to cheat.If you wanna know, PM me or respond to this message,


Nice game, and it's good that you tried to implement some anti-cheating.
Good difficulty, nice levels. Yay!

HOWEVER there is one cheat that is still possible. If somebody flicks their mouse really fast, sometimes it doesn't detect them hitting the walls, and if they're lucky then they can hit the red dot and win the level. Ah well.

pretty decent

good points: anti-cheating, ran smooth

bad points: the anti-cheating was flawed because if you press the green button in the middle on accident like I did even with the left cursor it says your cheating! too many of these games, not very original levels/obstacles


^^Good Points^^
I liked your anti-cheating method, it seems to work fairly well, as I couldn't figure out a way to cheat. Detection was fair, and the game ran smoothly.

^^Needs Improving^^
A little worn out. The maze games have been coming and coming, and this one doesn't really stand out as anything too interesting among the others. Same old level designs and basic hazards.

CrossdresserInPink responds:

I'm glad you couldn't cheat.
I tried ridding it of every cheat I could think up.

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2.83 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2007
3:46 AM EDT
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