King of Fighters

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A man attempts to become a great fighter....This is easily my favorite animation because it has a story-driven plot, comic humor, and 90% FBF. Length: Aprox. 3 minutes.

Enjoy and leave a review.

Also, if you have a slow computer this might run a little slow at times.

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I got confused at the end, but it was FUNNY!


It didn't make much sense But I was laugin the whole time.

TheBeagle responds:



That was a great, why wasn't that on the front page it was beastly!

TheBeagle responds:

It was going to but I made the mistake of submitting it on Luis day and so all the Luis flashes were featured instead of the high-scoring ones. Thanks for the review!

Well made!

King Of Fighters Part 1

Graphics: 8

The graphics were smooth, and the graphics resembled a cross between Alien Hominid and Hyperboy. The introduction sort of got you pumped to fight someone, anyone! The backgrounds were either ok or pretty nice, since it's simplistic; yet effective.

Style: 8

Yes, there's a lot of flash involving fighting. But this one is different. It has probably 40% fighting, and 60% humor. But the fact that everything was moving so smoothly and the cute graphics won me over with an 8 out of 10 for style. Also, some parts were intense and got you pumped!

Sound: 8

This is were most of the marks go to. The sound in the introduction (Eye of the Tiger by Survivor) was crystal clear. The voices for the characters gave a distinct, yet clear and understandable accent. However, some parts you needed to boost the volume up because everyone's talking so quietly. Then all of a sudden the sound quality jumps and scares the crap out of you! The music selection was just perfect, matching the tone well.

Violence: 7

Surprisingly, there is little violence, yet you would expect that from the title. When there is violence, however, it is quick and fast and smooth as well. The punches and kicks meet it's standards.

Interactivity: 0


Humor: 10

Aah, the superb humor. From the cute and funny intro to the end, it's a fun-filled ride. The short training message saying that the master taught everything he knew was fantastic! There's so much humor, and the training parts are awesome! The best funny is the unexpected funny, and this one hits it out of the park.

Overall: 9

Well made, well done. The graphics were smooth and realistic, the style was standard, the sound was very clear, the violence was a little weak, and the humor is the high point.


-Excellent choice of music that fits the tone
-Funny dialogue
-Humor is nicely presented
-Fast, smooth, and clear graphics


-Needs more work with the fighting parts
-Jumping sound quality
-Needs to be longer

TheBeagle responds:

I have to say I have never gotten a review so well-written.

Thankyou so much for this! It not only boosts my confidence towards flash but tells me what I need to work on and what to tweak.

Great review dude : )

Glad you enjoyed the flash.


I laughed, I cried, I even cheered. Truly this is an epic stuggle of one green man to become a great fighter.

p.s. the rocky impersonation was gnarly!

TheBeagle responds:

Glad you liked it!

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4.29 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2007
1:45 AM EDT
Comedy - Original