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Speed Squid

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Simple, but hopefully original and fun. One of my first games. Let me know what you think :)

Hint: use the home row keys [asdf jkl;] to control the movement of the squid's limbs!


Man those keys were difficult to get a hold of! How about using the WASD for left arms, and the arroe keys for the right? The idea's good, but... there's not much reward or motion on the screen. More moving backgrounds, sound effects, music, etc, would add a lot to it. Keep it going!


Aaarg, damn keyboard layout!

I'm unable to control the rightmost limb because I don't have an US keyboard layout. But anyway, it's a simple and quite cool game. It could need some improvements though.

cool one

that was a pretty nice game. it was a little bit simple overall, but using the 'asdfjkl;' keys for the controls for this one really added to the complexity and the challenge to this one.... really made it more enjoyable, and in a sense, original. the squid was a pretty neat character, nice graphics in it, alright audio, cool gameplay and it served as a cool waster of time.


IN this game, you are a squid and your object is to garble as much food as possible in a certain alloted time. The way to play is to use keys and be able to enter the right keystroke tthat is representative of the tentatcle. This could really be something. With some improved desgins, this could be a really neat way to help people learn to get to know their keyboard! I like the gaming aspect of this. It shows a lot of promise. You already have good sound effects and I like that the you have a score counter.


More animation.

If there is anything some games need its animation. All the squid does is move the arms, and all the fish do is appear, make them move around and make an ocean sort of map and you got yourself an okay game. You add in bigger fish and the ability for the squid to grow and you got your self somthing special.Nonetheless the graphics were sub-par and you need to work on that, although with some hard work and some luck you could make this into somthing.

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2.65 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2007
9:55 AM EDT
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