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Phoenix revenge

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This is my remake of phoenix, an arcade game from the 80's.
Webmasters, you can add this game to your site, the zip is there : http://www.benz.be/goodies/phoenix/index_eng.php
Keys :
Ctrl to shoot.
Arrow up for the shield
Enjoy !

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I'm thinking this is the same as the Galaga game I used to play. Dang, that brings back memories! Anyway, I actually thought this was pretty good. It really is interesting to see these different designs. The original game, is of course, better. Then again, I haven't played the exact Phoenix game you're talking about.

I thought the sounds were pretty cool. There really were some nice colors in this. While it can be too difficult (at least in comparison to the game I'm thinking of) it's still pretty nice. A pity it isn't that popular. It's at least decent.

Although I was a big fan....

....of this game in the 80,s(Damn,...getting old), I think you could have added some improvements to the original. Although I like it theres nothing to differentiate it from the original. It's a direct copy of it.

The game was ok

Nothing good about it, nothing bad about it. I really liked the boss parts, apart from that, it was kind of boring. You should add weapon upgrades as well.


I gave it a 10 for Humor because of the intro: "Des jeux gratuits pour toute la famille", it was sooo funny lol! To people who don't understand French, it means: Free games for the entire family.

Overall, the game was good. I managed to reach the first boss and beat it, it was quite a heated battle. I like the way your "bury" into it.

But there are some things your game lacks. First, you should add a background music. A different one for each area and each boss would be great. Second, you should add a password system so you can restart from the area where you lost. Every time you beat a boss, you complete an area and you get a password.

We should add this submission in the Video Game Remake collection.

Classic forward-scrolling shooter

Unfortunately, it suffers from the same problems as every other classic forward-scrolling shooter, such as crappy sound and repetative gameplay. Not a bad remake (I remember playing Phoenix) but nothing special.

Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2007
8:41 AM EDT