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Author Comments

Use your circular paddle to send the ball flying into the opposing bricks! Smashing the bricks lets you advance the game and spin up a score.

Arrow/WSAD keys or Mouse+Click (in Mouse Difficulty) to move paddle. P to pause game and change quality, mute music or return to menu.

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Very nice

So this here was a nice game you gave it all sorts of nice stuff from awesome visual and graphics the gameplay was intense the concept and game mechanics rocked I think the only downfall was the controls and while they worked fine some added options and more features within the controls would have been a plus but overall a fun game here


Man this is awesome, a defense game that really reminds me of RED (which just so turns out to be one of my all-time favorite games when it comes to Flash). It has an intuitive interface, siple graphics and a great, addicting, concept. Nice work!


somethings need work on

the concept is great, graphics are great, the overall felt extremely polished, just a few things that ruin the game immensely, sorry if this review seems rather harsh and negative, I'm just trying to provide some constructive criticism;

atleast you've got a mute button? but ruined because I have to pause first THEN click (why not M or S?) and why no sound effects, just music? I would have preferred sound effects over your choice of music, quite honestly. nice game, but have you thought to provide mouse support with arrow keys, instead of separate options, which varied the difficulty of gameplay. the game has potential, but would just feel better using the mouse rather than the keyboard. and one more nit-pick. please don't use words like "FAILURE" to indicate game over. you might laugh, but it's really not user-friendly. seriously. all things considered, it didn't hold my interest very long mostly due to forcing me to use the keyboard. it's a bit frustrating due to the looseness of the controls.

that's the negatives out of the way, for positives; as I said in the beginning of this review, the graphics have impressed me, polished and clean, considering I didn't play this game for a long amount of time, due to the controls, I'm going to try again and see if I'm just being a dick when picking out negatives, in this case the controls, but besides the negatives and positives, I hope you'll make something better, taking some of the criticism I have said.

very good game

this game was very good but it was a little like Red just without shooting but it was the best game I've played in a long time 2 thumbs up =D

Good ideas, but everything looks the same

The idea of making a Breakout game with both a) a circular paddle, and all the challenge that adds in controlling the ball, and b) physics - you have to occasionally lift your paddle to add force to your ball - makes for an ingenious and challenging take on the genre.

My only concern is that the blocks and the paddle are a little indistinct, which doesn't help when choosing between bouncing blocks and hitting the ball again. Everything seems to be white circles with a white ring around them. Perhaps if the blocks didn't have that ring?

Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2007
9:54 PM EDT