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FbF Attack

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Author Comments

Not really much to say about it for the general viewer. Just, a Frame By Frame animated stick attacks some fuck ass village. Just watch the damn thing.
For the animators:The Stick (and his relations) is done FbF, all the rest is tweened.
So, it's actually, a metaphoric battle between the two styles of animations

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(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
This definitely shows that you have a lot of skill in FBF animation. Every part of this was extremely smooth and extremely well animated to look like a realistic animation. Also a lot of detail in the drawings, which was surprising, seeing how this was FBF animated.

^^Needs Improving^^
Not really much I can say. You should give your work at a longer movie with a more involved storyline.

Review Request Club

Soupcat responds:

Thanks! I didn't know it was THAT smooth.

Okay, I did. =p
Well my motto while animating is and always will be "It's the details that count"
Something I found out in the beginning, and I will stick to this for the rest of my life.

It's nice to hear that there isn't much room for improving, besides the plot issue.
Been discussed in previous reviews ^^
Again, I know this, and I'm working on this, thanks for the commentary, it shows how deeply this is needed on NG.

I actually started this out of the blue, just drawing shit, not knowing where I was going. And then I got this little idea, and built it up.
Anyway, again, thanks! I love your club, and I will contribute when I find some spare time ^^



Hi there, GFG. Long time no see, how are you? :)

I´m here to do a review of course, not for chitchatting so let´s start off:
To be honest, I really didn´t know you could draw and animate so well. The graphics were really great in my opinion. Good effects (loved the 3d at some points), nice and smooth action and everything was well drawn. I liked that. I would give a 9 for graphics if I still could, and an 8 for style, but unfortunaly I can´t since the redesign.

The sounds were also good. Was the stickguy you who was talking in the end or were they both done by the same person? Otherwise you got a good voice for doing some voiceacting. And not everyone can say that. The backgroundmusic was good too and suited the movie well. My only comlaint about sounds is that I missed them in the beginning of the fight. Talking about punching and fighting sounds. But that was okay. I would give the sounds an 8 (if I still could...).

Well those are usually the only things I really care about in a flash. There´s only one other thing which you couldn´t rate in the old system and that´s the plot. Well as with almost any FBF movie it was kinda random. In the end it seemed to have a plot, but I don´t think there was one. I´m personally not a very big fan of completely random movies (even though I made quite a random one myself). So that was a negative point for me, but meh... whatever.

Overall 8 out of 10, 4 out of 5. Again, I was suprised by how well you can draw and animate. Wouldn´t mind seeing some more of you´re stuff. Keep up the good work and I really hope to see you again in the Zelda Club someday, although I think you left for good :(

~Auz, Review Request Club

Soupcat responds:


This, this is an honor. :o
I'm quit dazzled I must say, getting a review (and a positive one) from you. The lord of the RRC.
So, let's get into it, eh? ;)

Well, first of all, thank you for the postitive remarks, really appreciated, and motivating :D
And the negative remarks..well, I know them, I know them all. The sound ffects, well, I was planning that, but got lazy, and forgot about it...and well just too anticipating to get the damn thing into the portal...I spent too long on it..well...Been on hiatus for too long ^^

The randomness - plot issue. Meh, I'm not that type of animator who can shit the most amazing and epic stories, I'm working on that but in the meantime I'm going to satisfy myself with these type of things.
But I've been told I've got some writing skills. We'll see what time brings.

Oh, and don't worry, I'll hop in the Zelda club. It's just....the whole redesign, found a new anime, social life etc....oh, and the fact that I finished TP about ten times and I'm focusing on other intrests ^^ But that doesn't mean Zelda lost that special place in my hart.

Actually....my sister is also getting very hardcore in the series..something to discuss.

Bye <3.

Not bad

The animation was great and the graphics. The sound was good too. Matched the atmosphere.

Add a story. It WILL make it much better. Also it was a bit short

3/5 Review Request Club

Soupcat responds:

Well, glad to hear that about the audio. I'm always a bit worried that the music won't fit, or won't be in sync...etc.
Bt it always turns out good, glad it did this time as well.

Then, a story, I'd be happy if you'd send me a script and voiced it.
And I'd be happy to spend 3 months on a 5 minute animation, but only if I have neough booze.
Sponsering? Anybody?

But, thanks ffor the review! I love taht little club of yours, and I will participate happly.

Great job!

Now even though you warned us about the lack of plot development, thisstill works really well. The one problems I see that you seem to have with the whole this is that it's a little on the short side (that's only minor, I'm not that fussed today) and that you didn't spell "which" correctly in your warning (I am not responsible as well, not I is not)

The movement of the whole thing flowed really well, especially the fight scene, which was a great triumph. If you want to take this further (and I seriously suggest you do), you may wish to browse the NG fgorums to try and find some inspiration for continuing this or making a fresh start.

Give it some thought, you're very talented.

[Review Request Club]

Soupcat responds:

Talented you say? Wow, nice way too close a review :D
Well, thanks I guess ^_^

Anyway, yes, it could be longer, and yes I make loads of spelling mistakes etc. I am completly aware of the things I should look out for, and everytime I pay attention some more, so don't worry, it'll all be okay.
And yes, short, the animation idn't really went towards a real plot, so I stopped before it really got ugly, and repetetive.
Anyway, I will take this further, but not in the near future. This is really my style, and it's something I will always have inspiration for, so it won't stop here, but I'm still experimenting qua animating.
I haven't found my real "big" flash yet, wich makes a groundbraking point in my animating life.
(I'm going to deep in this, aren't I ?)

Anyway, thanks for the review! Really helps me alot!

My voice is shacksy

And so is this animation, it's nice. I like how you tried to avoid having to do lipsync at the end by doing some sort of a silhouette animation. Kicks ass.

My voice also kicks ass.

Could have been more awesome, but it's still awesome.

And my voice is awesome as well.

Soupcat responds:

I couldn't have done it without your kick ass voice ^^
Seriously man, thanks.


Srsly, I love you. Thanks for the nice review ^^
It's nice indeed ^^