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PhotoFit Puzzle Game DEMO

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need opinions! if its any good i will make full version with many more photos :)

comments appreciated! thanks :)
dont forget to vote!

Test your skills with this addictive photo prediction game, full instructions in game please read them!


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To many bugs also you need to disable cirtain this if you right click and press forward for instance it will say wrong do it again you get the points do it again you are on the next picture

I had big problems...

My first image was a dolphin... of this I am sure. However, when I guessed "dolphin" in the box, I very quickly saw "incorrect, try again" and was then presented with another set of 9 gray boxes. So i cliked a few, discovered a plane... at this point began my frustration. I guessed "plane", "airplane", "jet", and even went into some more specific things like "airliner", "jet plane", etc. but to no avail. You should make the system smart enough to accept multiple answers. For the plane, unless I was supposed to guess the airline, you should accept both "plane" and "jet", or even the more specific answers like "passenger plane". honestly, how hard is it to scan a group of words to find out whether or not the correct answer is among them? Try answer.split(" "), you'll then have an array of all of the words typed into the box by the player as separate array elements. Loop through them and compare them against each o the acceptable answers. As soon as you find a match, you're done, and the player leaves feeling satisfied rather than frustrated.

picaxis-media responds:

well the images were each set to accept at least 3 answers each, i had thought of it, but also it was only intended to be a demo.


I really like your game. It is very original, and was quite entertaining. I gave it a 3/5.

To improve this game, I suggest the following:

1) On everything except the toast, I could correctly guess the picture by clicking the middle tile. Try to incorporate either more 'interesting' angles of common items, or try uncommon items that would be harder to identify with one block being removed.

2) When a puzzle is correctly guessed, the game just goes to the next puzzle. It was confusing a little. I would insert a screen that congratulates the player, and maybe a next button to go to the next puzzle.

3) You may also want to put into the game a way of knowing how many points you are 'losing' for each block you need to remove to guess the puzzle.

Thanks for making the game, I really enjoyed it. I look forward to your next version!

picaxis-media responds:

thanks for your comments :)

not bad very creative

This was very creative and very original and i really liked it, there were some bugs like i typed in "dolphin" and it just stood there alot to work on but besides that i liked it can't wait for the full version

some bugs

There seem to be some bugs, like the first picture was a "dolphin" I typed "shark" at first then typed dolphin and nothing happened. I had to exit and start over. The concept is good, just work on the bugs

Credits & Info

2.50 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2007
4:14 PM EDT