Small guide to NG and FLA

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Well all kept telling me to use spellcheck and I did... Only prob, It messed up some words... Also fixed the ng levals and changed the music.



Well i got lost at the part "stop making madness tributes".

I would give it higher interactivity but...

Thanks for making that flash. CaptainHusky was right, it should be on the FAQ. There were two problems, 1 at the main menu I clicked on the middle button (levels), but as I continued I came to a page that had no back button, 2 it's rated mature when it should be rated teen, yes it does have lots of swear words but it's not worth being rated M. All you have to do is go to account options and edit it so instead of having Extreme Explicit Text it has Mild Explicit Text.

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Wyattfilms responds:

I try and do my part


one second more and i kept thinking that we just sometimes need to not animate for being on NG.
i was hesitating to send my tutorial about "how to unanimate", hahaha. :D

Wyattfilms responds:

XD nice, i would have faved it

I liked it.

"You're the saviour! You are one of a number of people who have helped keep this entry in the Portal!"

I liked this flash. Maybe just work more on orthography, annimation and graphics. The main content is good, some parts could have been more worked on and some others are just as correct.

Wyattfilms responds:

*nods head*

good idea-very rough

I am going to trust you will really work on this and protect it, as you are already an author here.

Don't just update it. Start again with a good team if needs be and clean up-
no way sould you submit with chunks scribbled through as out of date! (though it did help your Humour!)
No way is the spelling up to the standard of the ideas etc in this sub
It has great potential please do work on it.
Best Wishes,

Wyattfilms responds:

Thanks dude.. Your right!

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Jul 9, 2007
3:52 PM EDT
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