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All my incomplete flashwork from the last four years I deemed worthy for this placed in a single flash submission! I hope you all enjoy it, It's quite long.

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This was a pretty cool mesh of experimental FBF animation, some of it sketchy, some of it colored in and flawless. The music's rather fast too shift, bit too fast, but it's all good music (was surprised to hear the Naruto outro at the start too, nice choice!). Some of these animations seem a bit low on FPS, especially towards the end, but apart from that it's all good. Nice compilation!


that was cool , wierd and cool great job

hahahaha funny , but what was with that guy in the hall way who was just randomly killing people . that was wierd actually it was all pretty wierd but i loved it so keep up the good work XD

cool one

that was a nice animation, or collab or animation. i'm not too too sure that if i believe that this one here was made over the course of 4 years... but you did, then the time was very well spent. this one here was quite nice to watch, neat graphics, good audio, nice entertainment and you put a nice effort into it.

Tazuwukei responds:

They were all individual animations that were made over the course of the last 4 years, whenever I felt like animating. Yesterday I decided, oh snap.. I should throw everything I've made into one animation and submit it XD.


Very graphic, yet very... you. What exactly is happening to Centennial though? And, why can't it happen in real life?

Tazuwukei responds:

Originally, the sun exploded, and the sky was falling, the school was supposed to get enslaved by clouds, which sucked up people and there would be lightning and crap then they'd spit them out as a smoking skeleton. You just know I would be the hero, that screws up with a time machine and ends up in a never-ending loop! XD


Why is this up for judgment? it's good.

I gave it a 3/5

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4.00 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2007
3:34 AM EDT
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