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Whim Of Jellies

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(Low or auto-quality are recommended!!!)
Ok,this is a movie of about 3 minutes i started in january, and finished today with many pauses around the year, the file size is big because there is a lot of frame-by-frame animation.
"A fat yellow guy is addicted to jellies, and has an eternal hunger,but something happens..." ...oh well, just watch it.
Enjoy! :D

EDIT-Well, many people interpretes the movie as a random thing, and maybe it's not so easy to get.
Let me explain.
-The fat guy went to the fridge for jellies, and then the last jelly escapes.
At the end, Mwerphs(the fat guy), is going to eat the jelly, but he realizes that it is alive, so he eats his spoon.
Then there is the "happy ending" where Mwerphs and the jelly decide to rebuild the house.

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Haha, that's some powerful spooning! :P I like the sketchy style of animation, and how living it makes everything seem. Don't really get why he just eats the spoon at the end though, and when his stomache rumbled I thought it was because the jelly he had already eaten was alive too... so I was expecting some follow-up on that. Didn't turn out as expected! Either way it was a fun watch though, keep it going!


Butzbo responds:

It's always fun to get reviews on relatively old works!, The bits of the spoon destroying things were the most fun to make!
Hah, after finishing the animation, I wasn't completely convinced with the ending either: he just ate his spoon as a form of 'solution' to avoid eating the defenseless "living jelly" (and for some reason the spoon made some sort of smoke emission, hahah). But I agree with the fact that it could've been a bit more elaborated as a conclusion.

Thanks for the review!

Not the best...

But certainly not the worst! It was a pretty good idea, with a few awkward parts (the chase seem looked like they slid, and how the house was nearly the same size as him). Otherwise, you did great!


your awesome! if you hate Butzbo Prud then you suck!

An idea

As the yellow guy has one eye, when the camera goes "zooming" on his sight it could be nice to change it from horizontal, wich is very common, to vertical or even skewed. At least that's what I expected when the jelly escaped the first time and he aproches with the spoon.


youve got a realy nice style and do excelent animations but it was way to slow and really borring