Puppets In The Park I

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Waterman decides, in his off time from starring in the upcoming Waterman Movie, to begin improvising a series of puppet shows in the local park. Watch in amazement as the classic children's tales you've grown to know and love are hysterically defiled before your very eyes.


It's stuff like this that makes me realize it's been so long since you've done something. I really like how you submitted this after you put it up on your own website. While not as good as something like "Potter Puppet Pals", it's decent in its own right. The animation isn't that well detailed, but it's actually not that bad. It reminds me how macaroni 'n cheese is my favorite food. I would soo live in that house.

I like how there's a flying saucer in the background attacking a castle. I wish that could be the focus of it. It really gets good at the end when you tie some other fairy tales together. I should have seen that coming. Also, try to get rid of that infinite playing loop.

Not Bad

The quality of animation wasn't near as good as the Waterman series and the pace and sense of timing wasn't that right either but the plot of the episode was very funny and quite enjoyable until the very end of the movie keep up the good work.

It's the little things.

This is random humor done right. I was watching it and when it finished someone in the other room burst out laughing. That's never happened with any other movie on this site.


Instant Classic. love it.

Oh man, so funny.

This is my favorite 'Puppets in the Park' edition. I can't stop laughing every time I watch it - I absolutely love your sense of humor :)

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3.78 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2007
5:13 PM EDT
Comedy - Original