Pube Grover Chronicles

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I threw this together one evening, and I thought it turned out well enough to submit and share. I plan on making 4-6 more episodes depending on how well this goes.



Epic, simply epic.


^^Good Points^^
I don't think we see enough of the pubes anymore, and it's good to see something made with pube Grover. I thought it was pretty funny how he turned into Darth Vader, and the other guy into Optimus prime. I was a little disappointed that there was no fight scene, but "Insert Cartridge" was just as good.

^^Needs Improving^^
These pubes are supposed to say disgusting things, however yours did almost none at all. :(

Rabid-Tux responds:

I will improve on the points you made. I will also eventually get around to the fight scene. Good day sir!

Has potential to be OK

However, personally I don't think there was enough of it to stand alone as an episode.
they've just met, theres no explanation, no real humour and nothing has actually happened yet.
the graphics were nothign to write home about, but if something humourous actually happened, that wouldn't matter. So far, the idea that these two characters take on the two bodies behind them is all it really has. That looked OK, but I would say it wasn't ready to submit yet.

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Rabid-Tux responds:

That's a rather harsh overall for something that from what it sounds like, mediocre.

Tears of joy ran down my cheeks

You sir, are a man who deserves a medal for this fine, brilliantly well-done work of art. You deserve a noble peace prize anyone would look at and say "this flash is the best flash ever" carved in the Author's name as RabidClock (Rabid-Tux) in gold letters. This flash was so incredibly drawn the scenery filled my eyes with tears of joy as I was so happy to finally see a flash worthwhile to stay at for hours admiring the delicate crisp mountains in the sky. The cardboard cut out pictures excited me because it was so incredibly difficult to tell that they were actually cut out pictures pasted onto a flash. They looked so exquisitely well drawn my eyeballs grew in size as I stared at the pictures of the robots for hours as they were fighting to save mankind. This flash deserves a vote of 9999999 because it was the best flash ever and it made me cry so hard with joy because it was the best flash I have ever laid eyes on. THe graphics should be given a 23 because it was just so well animated. The humor was so high that I collapsed in my chair as I was laughing for hours and hours as I cried my eyes out because the voices were so funny. I loved this flash. Long live Clock Crew and their horrible flashes.

Rabid-Tux responds:

You my friend, are the win.


This isn't good there is that really annoying robot voice, bad pictures and just bad!

Rabid-Tux responds:

Flash by NintendoMadness:
- none -

At least I'm trying.

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1.75 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2007
4:34 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody