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STC Sonic VS Sega Sonic

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Edit: March 2008 -
Bwah? Okay this movie is old and tired, it ends badly because I forgot to actually... you know...
put the ending there... anydangway, pay no attention to the flash :)

To continue after text appears press SPACE BAR or left click the movie.

I guess this took me about 16 hours... it's a mixture of styles... every thing's been hand drawn in flash that's why the art isn't perfect...

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Purely Awsomeness

All i can say is wow. i can only dream of making stuff like that. keep up the good work!


That was a cool flash! I loved Sonic the Comic (the UK version) and I was so P*ssed off when they canceled it. Anyway, nice idea putting Super Sonic in there, it brings back memories of the good old days of STC...hey, is there a possibility you might make ne with, I dunno, the Metallixes in it?

not too bad I guess

it could have been better (especially at the end, was there anything after that textbox there?) but it was pretty good, although it isn't really stc sonic vs sega sonic, it's more stc sonic vs stc super sonic demon, you do know that the two remerged again in the last official fleetway comic right? and that for a while there super sonic was actually good before absorbing the negative energy from that overpowered draken (spelled wrong, so what) which was stc's version of chaos
I was going to explain some of the history behind this that everyone probably already knows, but I didn't, your flash was great for a first submission (great for any submission actually) and kept my short attention span entertained, I vote 5

Awsomly Awsome!

Not bad,in fact it was great! Those hand drawn animations are really good.It can be useful if you draw some other charecters as well.Not for them to fight but fer any other flash ideas you might get.
P.S:Is the ending supposed to stop like that?


It was an enjoyable flash. It definitely got better as it went along. The fighting was pretty good. Seriously though, it needs backgrounds! Oh man, I can't stress that enough. Not to be mean or anything. Anyway, nice job, just next time, plz make backgrounds.