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Summer boredom has me making flash again. There's not really much of a plot. Planning ahead is not a part of my flash creation process ;)

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Big surprised for me to see you made another movie! Who would have thought that would happen?

Well its cool to see you are playing with a bit of fbf now. I thought it was interesting, and I liked the look of some things, like the sun. However I'm very angry about what your character did to the moon :P

A month or two ago, I was considering remaking Jumanji, that is still one of the best car22ns on here.

Well I hope you keep making movies.

It was all right...

The movie was fine, but the blinking text got a little annoying. Either lengthen those up or take them out completely next time.

garrettnotcarrot responds:

will do


It had no plot, you were right. Also i saw what those things said when it flashed a word.


Overall it was nicely done. But you have to make the tekst stay longer.
The rest was ok! :D

subliminal messages?

I'm not sure if the screens popping up every so often were supposed to be subliminal messages but, I kinda ignored them after a while. The music was okay, I didn't really see the plot or point of it either. Though I gave it a protection point.

The title kinda threw me off, because I thought this would be about a man made of clouds or a superhero who could manipulate clouds or something to that extent.

garrettnotcarrot responds:

there's no real conflict or event in this movie, so there wasn't much for me to base a title off of. sorry about the confusion all the same

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Jul 6, 2007
12:01 PM EDT
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