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Liam linch is my hero.

He should be yours too.




How dare you split up this fantastic song! This has been done so much it scares me. Your gonna have to come up with something really innovative to make it stand out, this didn't.

Fallworth responds:

Violence: 10


Thanks for the 4. best score i got.

Well now....

Like we all haven't seen that song in flash treatment about a jillion times before. Good.....gawd. And MERRY Indepndence Day? You can't spell and you've got it mixed up with Christmas? Whateva'.

Fallworth responds:


Liam Lynch yourself.

I love Liam Lynch. This flash did not do justice to him. But I guess it could have been worse. So I guess it's okay for a quick Indepndence Day flash. Or INDEPENDENCE DAY, as we call it here in AMERICA, GOD'S LANGUAGE. However, you have good taste and the style was all right, so I voted to let this pass.

Fallworth responds:

I Concur.

Good music, crappy animation.

I love this song. But your animation is crappy, I protect it though only because of the music. But you need to be more orginial. I know that I havn't got anything up and I never will but I really think that anyone that can create flash movies should think of something good, orginal, and something that has a good point before putting something up. But keep it up, don't let the failures bring you down. Instead work and become greater.

Fallworth responds:

Thanks, It was wipped up in a few hours.
And was just a quick independence day flash. Thanks for not blamming it.


But this is pitiful. Animation is very limited, It's short, and just plain not good. 1 out of 5. Happy July 4th.

Fallworth responds:

I wouldn't say pitiful. But, yeah, it is a 1 out of 5 flash, and yeah happy 4th of
July, too.

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2.18 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2007
4:40 AM EDT
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