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TRACER prequel

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This series follows an ex soldier on his brutal quest to find his long lost wife.
We put a lot of work into every frame of this movie. A combination of different techniques were used to achieve this style of animation.

Check out "TRACER episode 1" out now !


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Awesome, just awesome. I've seen the first episode already, but if I hadn't this would definately make me want to go watch it. As it is it's almost as if I want to go watch it again even though I just did, lmao. Great atmospher, great build-up of anticipation! Keep it going.



Dude please make the 2nd episode! you cant just leave it there theres gotta be more!!!


seriously make the 2nd episode, alot of people like it and its pissing alot of people off that theres no second episode.


I hate finding all these series that never make it past the 1-3 episode and the story just ends.

Pisses me right off.

What ever happened to this series anyway?

I was pretty interested in this series for a while, but sadly, it seems to have been discontinued. The art and animation is pretty damn good. Rotoscoped, of course, but still, very cool to watch, and very stylistic as well. The story may be a bit cliche, but it still kept me guessing.