My History of Flash

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This is a collection of the first 9 movies i ever made, i just put it together, its coming fresh out of the oven. :P
For those of you who have nothing good to say, dont leave a review, just keep it to yourself, thanks.
Sorry the file is so big guys, but its alot of stuff in there, and i mean ALOT.
by the way, my newer and better flash videos are not on here, but can be seen if you check out my file. i decided not to put the newer ones on there as it was already pretty long.
and for those of you who think my graphics suck, my new game will be coming out soon, you will see how ive improved if you play it.

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what the fuck is wrong with you people!? Isn't it funny how hypocritical people are choji? look at all the reviews that say how shitty you are and how good they think they are, notice something? they dont have shit, and they are lying because they THINK its easy to make flash animations. You are all pathetic and don't even get the point of the damn video.

Ignorant hypocrites with no flash experience should not even be allowed to review and vote.


don't you mean the history of crap


I know these were your first few animations, but even I did walking animations on my first ever flash. also, i agree with the guy below me. there wasnt MUCH improvment between them. sometimes (and yeah, this isnt a good idea) i make animations and then don't like the look of them so i scrap them and start again.
ah well

Sorry dude

It really wasn't that spectacular. I mean, like, i know this is to show how you've improved, but like, after each movie, i dont really see MUCH improvement. Keep at it for a couple more movies... Just make test animations and make them as fluid as possible. dont have the people stiff as they run. Have them moving arms legs head and even torso a little. just try to improve more and ill see some more of your animations in the future

chouji7 responds:

lol, i know theres not much improvement, thats cus the first movies i made were just for fun, to bug around, lol.
the movies i actually started working good on, and putting some effort into are my other submissions.
and if you watch those and still dont think improved alot, than wait tille my new game is out, THERE i have improved ALOT.


I love it when people make a collab of all their old stuff to see the improvement over time, I would like to make one myself although I havn't been using flash for long enough yet >.< Well done

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Jul 4, 2007
3:02 AM EDT
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