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The Epic Collab VIII

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---7/3/06 NEVER FORGET---

The Epic Collaborations are now making a full-blown comeback! For today's collab, we have parts from that one r in a tuxedo and top hat, that one red ant with glasses, that one gal in the red dress, and that one frankie who is da man. Enjoy, children!
Audio Credits:
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band - Bill's Corpse
some guy - Don't Wanna Be a Fat Man
some DJ person, i dunno his name :[ - some song

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Most of those were practically GIFS, others looking that they were drawn on paint.
Next time have your artists spend more time on their parts, the one in the centre had potential if it was longer.

I agree with the guy below me

this movie really wasn't good at all. I don't even know what it was... As for constructive criticism, I'm not sure what to say... Umm, try to have plot and humor next time.

what the duece?

that made no sence at all and it wasnt even funny... It was Horrible!