YAAFM 13: Pres. Bush 2

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Author Comments

This one is a long time coming. President Bush needs to be taken down… and there is only one demon that can do it. Watch as Reginold exposes Bush & the Iraq war as only he can!

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Yes, this brings back memories. Well, actually it makes me yearn for those times with Trump as President. Okay, not really. At least the attack didn't happen under his administration. I agree with you on everything. I do wish this series would come back with Donald Trump.

I mean, there should already have been one on him here already! Everybody knew he was an idiot and we voted him into power anyway. At least with Bush, it was more ambiguous. Oh, and he once again lost the popular vote. Politics suck.

Always great with a political message! The graphics are as smooth as always, and the mixture of photos and animated graphics is seamless. Great voice acting, great message. Keep it going!


Yoi have revealed the truth!

Dude, I so love this one, and please, make one about our president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, for she is a fucking moron, and so are her political cronies!!!


Will you get your head out of your ass, Kyia?

The Iraqi people were not ungrateful until they saw how we screwed up byt the numbers. Oh, I'm sorry, the ungrateful ignoramuses you refer to in the first paragraphs are Democrats.

Millions of what, dead presidents, as in campaign assistance from lobbyists?

Oh, you did mean the Iraqis.. hang on, first paragraph was ungrateful ignoramuses, then millions thanking..

You, sirrah, are obviously a soldier about ready to fire on civilians because we aren't in love with the former President and his Un-accountants who have bankrupted this country.

I'm praying you're shellshocked, nuts, as otherwise you're willfully ignoring a terrible, plain, simple fact.

The Republicans push for lower tax and the same economic agenda, KNOWING it won't fucking WORK, every damn time, trying to make it last until they get thrown out and Democrats come in and fix it.. until next time. This unofficial deal has been struck by the more cynical of BOTH parties.

They won't stop.

They'll NEVER stop.

The Whigs could only PRAY for this level of partisanship.

And, you torture-ignoring, heartless, nuke-loving jerk, the mere thought of you being a soldier terrifies me beyond words.

The fall of this country! Forget you and your tired rhetoric, this country IS on our shoulders, we ARE this country, and you can scream how it's all you forever.

Because We Aren't Listening, Kyia.


that was great.

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Jul 3, 2007
5:28 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody