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Color Collab

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Thanks alot NG voters!
What's happening NG? Let me introduce you to the Color Collab! Which has over 10,000 frames, after 4 months and 5 days the Color Collab is finally finished for good! The Color Collab was originally created by connemaraproductions, but he gave it to me (TheGreatPatten).

The idea of Color Collab is to make a 30-60 second animation using only one elementary colour.

Everyone in this collab put thier best effort in the collab, and helped out nicely, so enjoy the damn thing.

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It's always great seeing clashes of differnt styles and concepts in movies like this. Happy to hear a few favorite tracks along with the animation in this one, and the mixtures of FBF and other stles is nice. There's rays, reflections, stunts, all kinds of stuff. I was wondering how the different topics would all be related to color, but it turns out it was just the color. My favorite is probably the Blue one, simple and stylish. Nice work!


Very nice!^.^

I enjoyed this music video collab, espicially The Great Patten's part! I hope to see more flashes like this one soon. Keep up the great work!

TheGreatPatten responds:

Thanks, looking back at my part now it looks like a huge turd.

It got better towards the end!

The animations is good, but I got a bit bored while watching the purle one. It should be shorter in my opinion. I liked the next, yellow part, and many of the other was cool :) The parts was synced with the music, which I liked. My favorite was the orange part, since it had really great animations, and it was nicely synced to the music.

It started a bit bad, but it got better towards the end!


- GlowingMonkey

TheGreatPatten responds:

Great Review. Good Job


Favorited!! =D


It was rather booring i mean when it was purple everything was purple and thats all i know the idea was to make a short with one single color and its variants, im not saying that it was unoriginal or that it was very bad what im trying to mean is that nothing happen in every single short i will try to explain it

So the opening scene was ok i mean it does have all the colors so it was good it lets you know what the movie is about
The purple scene.. well i think it needed more things going all around the screen
The yellow scene, i liked the animation was´nt too good but it was pretty original
The green scene... well it was just green
The red scene it was bizarre and cool but it have some glitches or something
The blue scene this is the one that i most liked i guess its why i was waiting for more things that make sense with it own color more than just doing an animation with objects that not fit with each color, like explaining the nature of the color
The orange scene, i also liked this one because it was bizarre and the animation was good
The black & white scene.. this is the one that didn't make a good use of it colors and i think it was the worst-

So thats it.. im sorry if i was too sarcastic so im asking you for apologies.

TheGreatPatten responds:

Agreed, now that I grew up, I've became to understand what makes a good flash. I'll make better