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Waffle X: Episode Two

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Bob Havaar, teenage gaming addict, faces a tough opponent in the form of his possessed late breakfast, the celestial potato waffle: Waffle X! Its a fight for sustenance, and who will win?!

Sorry this has taken so long! Hopefully wont leave you dudes hanging for the next for another year XD

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forgettable? i think not

I'm rating this failry high, because this flash has a bit of a unique story behind it, in that, you designed it half out of passion, and half for an animation course, and then after that course requirement was met you continued, and continued quite well. furthermore, this flash and it's predecessor stuck in my head for quite a while actually, and i find myself returning to it from time to time, because i enjoy the humor and the blatant parallel with dbz and fooly cooly and the like. the voice acting IS slightly flawed, mostly due to the inconsistent sound and tone of dialogue at times, which is a simple matter of mike testing and experimentation i guess. only a few times do i feel the actual tone of a character is limited and could have had more feeling in it. but actually i really ENJOY bob havar, and the heavy british stylings of waffle x. continue please, your talents are obvious.

good but

qhy does it allways take u soo long to make these please hurry i want to see next 1


4.02 / 5.00 (+ 0.00077)
graphics 10/10
humor 7/10
other 7/10
24/3=8 overall 8/10
YES i didnt know this one was out yet until i was looking up pictures and it told me there was a second one on newgrounds finally the voices were better in the first but still marvoules artwork and flash vote 5!

I want more!

I remember watching the first one about a year ago...its exciting to see the continuation of the story! I can't wait to see what happens next...

Boring, slow, and a DBZ imitator.

The voice acting is terrible. It's monotone. Try to stretch the limits of your voices guys.

The animation was slow because it was evenly keyed. Things that should've happened very quickly took almost twice the frames it needed.

Typical violence, nothing really felt like it had a strong impact.

Overall, another forgettable flash. Animation was okay on some parts.

Humor was dead last to none. I could understand if this was purely action oriented, but with a waffle as a main character, and the generic hair joke, somebody was trying to going for a laugh.