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Platform Racing

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Move with the arrow keys or the awsd keys. Use the space bar to use items. If someone is bothering you in the chat, you can click on their name to ignore them.

Enjoy running around and shooting your fellow racers in the back!

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goodbye sweet prince

This game was the shit when I was growing up, can't play it now though ffs. Sad nibba hours

Taking everything into perspective, this was a damned impressive game when it came out. The multiplayer aspect was unusual, rare, and worked very well. I enjoyed all of the levels a lot, which I found to be quite balanced with a few exceptions (Buto was very luck-based, Going Down is too easy to skip entirely.) I remember that I definitely wanted a level editor and increasing stats, which were added in PR2, though this has a certain charm to it as well. A little disappointing that even with a high speed stat it runs pretty slowly, though when I first played this I didn't mind since it was all I knew.

Very good effort here.

The number of noobs that online date in this game is through the roof. And noone plays it anymore, which kinda sucks, but PR2 is for playing, this is for chatting. Although like I said earlier, the online daters are annoying with their "oh I like you babe" crap. And spammers are EVERYWHERE. It used to not be like this.

this game was fun back BUT THEN the server said its either my connection your server or evil aliens my connection is working perfect but the hacked version says it too >:( 2 stars sorry also aliens dont exist so dont make up bullshit stories i think its your servers i think you need to fix it :/