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U.M.G.C [Catch You]

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Author Comments

EDIT: Thanks for the reviews. If people suggest songs I will make a sequel ASAP.

In case you haven't guessed, this is a music game based on the song 'Catch You' (Judge the game, not the song)
This is the start of the U.M.G.C, where you can tell me what songs you want me to sync games to.
More details in-game.

WARNING = Fiendishly difficult. Difficulty rating 4/5 (maybe 9 lives isn't enough)


I love ur Flashes Ben!

Heh heh..!
One of the reasons is 'cause you answer all of the reviewers and your style is always a happy, joyful, catchy, funky and AMAZING!

The only negative thing I gotta say is I DO agree with SOME (only some remember!)
reviewers E.g: It was to fast.
You know what I'm gonna say.... polish it up, add levels etc.
(I agree with you, your second Game is WAAAY! better) ... no ofence!
Make more Ben, make more..... muaHAHAHAHA!!!..... I mean... I'm normal.....

Boguzman responds:

You can be honest, I don't mind. But bear in mind that this wasn't a serious game it was basically a proof of concept. But anyway...check my profile I left a comment there.

Good song.

Superb game, the only problem I have with it is that you spawn way to fast when you loose a life and I end up losing two.

It's a good and competitive game, good job.

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Boguzman responds:

Oh, you mean the flash I suppose? Yeh, if you get hit twice in quick succession you shouldn't be penalised even if there are two flashes. I've made it so that it takes a while for the lives to decrease, therefore giving you time to recouperate. I don't blame you for not noticing, you were probably trying your hardest to get at least half way through the song =D

H-o-l-y shit!

that game was awesome!

Graphics: 10. This had awesome graphics, and the crushers don't even look like crushers, which makes the sudden coming-in really unexpected, and likely to take a life. And the laser guns were really cool. Blue's my favorite color. Oh, and the ball, i bet some work went into that too. It was constantly rotating, and was more than one color. Sorry, but i paid attention to that small detail.

Style:10. Sure, sure, we've all seen dodge games before, but this one's truly unique. And impossibly hard. I made it maybe one thirds into the song when i crapped out. Combining the elements of the lights and crushers was awesome, and it didn't lag the game at all for me.

Sound:10. Yeah, there wasn't any sound effects when something happened, but I love any song but rap, and those songs weren't bad at all. I liked how everything was done in-sync (Not that band...-shudders-))

Violence:4. There wasn't any blood, but the concept was kinda violent. It's kinda like a little ship floating around and being shot at by lasers. I got the ball killed by crusher every time....

Interactivity:10. It's a game. Duh. However, I did like how the cursor turned into a ball. That takes a bit of work to change the cursor. There was no glitches here, either....just impossible-ness.

humor:6. I found it funny how pathetic I was playing this game. Half the time i got killed because I couldn't pay attention to things at once. It was mean when you feel like you're getting the beat and suddenly are dead by crusher. or random laser.

I have no beefs with this game, except that it is impossibly hard. This has encouraged me to go check out your 'mouse madness'. Really awesome...but wayyy to hard. good luck in the future!

-bahamalama out

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Boguzman responds:

Wow, intense review. You really like this game.
Yeah, this is only my second submission and I've been learning flash for only a couple of weeks so I tried a few things out (eg cursor changing etc.)
As many of you out there can tell, I am barely a graphic designer nor do I have any great ideas. BUT, I do like scripting, so I thought i'd at least try a game using what I had learned. I'm pleased with it, so to all those out there who enjoy it, SUGGEST SEQUELS.

holy friggin god it is hard!

heres some pointers: either make the sequel or updated version, make the game less hard and give more lives, but this is a kinda good game, next time put in a differtent song and alert ther player ehn something happens. But a warning to those who read this:
PLaying this game is going into PROS DOMAIN.
but it is kinda funny when you see yourself geting crushed like that chris angle guy buy the steam roller.

Boguzman responds:

For the last time, this is the point of the difficulty system. Later games (sequels) will have different difficulties to suit each player.
Btw, what on earth are the last 2/3 lines about?

Well to hard!

When you update this game the most inportant thing is that you make it easier, + a good song. The only way you could get far on this game is if you spend a whole week playing it.

Boguzman responds:

I admit, it even took me a while to pass it.
I think games are way too easy. I want something that I can work on for a while until I get good. If you don't want that, it's your choice, just don;t bring me down because of it!

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Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2007
8:43 AM EDT
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