Solar Sternstem 07

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I suck at writing authors responses, so just enjoy this ok?

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Absolutely amazing.

I love you. I miss this. I cried because of the song, too. :c

i enjoyed it

critisim is always nice but i agree that i dont think the whole picture was taken in just yet. its definatly not poor at all, the quality is really good and i have seen BAD flashes that i wish didnt just happen and was just plain embarrassing to watch. this doesnt even touch on that.
despite the last two reviews, i saw it as a music video. heck it can even be a tribute to astronauts. in most things pleople try to do to please everyone sometimes i feel less is more i didnt see that there had to be much going on anyways it allows your imaingation to have more freedom. i feel it was artistically exicuted the lyrics did all the talking and the fitting animation gave an image to project the message on i mean i can visualize whasts going on in my head i got tones of dry humor, sarcastic, distressed, indifference and independance in it. another cool part was it could almost be a screensaver because of the loop.


I didn't not enjoy this submission in the least. There was little to no effort put forth when making this movie. If you found this hard to do then you may want to refer to the flash tutorials on the collections page for help making animations better, faster and easier. There was no storyline, there were no drawings of your own and the only animation was the character tweening up and down across the stage [ and the "static aka "noise" in the background]. For people who don't understand that is the visualization smiler to if you put a television on a channel you do not have. The song is good and is relative to the happenings in the flash. However that was the only good thing i saw about this submission.


possibly-yodd responds:

I appreciate the review, though negative well written and constructive. You just don't get the point of why I make these flashes. I can and do make good stuff too.

lol wtf?!

Somebody was high when they wrote that song lol

possibly-yodd responds:

David Bowie.


Seriously....do a STERNHARD series.....STERN MCCCCCCCLANE!!
*hopes there is a Planet X sternstorm*

possibly-yodd responds:

An idea arises.

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4.50 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2007
7:05 PM EDT
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