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Avatar Boredom Dub 2

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This is my second avatar boredom dub. I will continue to include my disclaimer, I suppose, until I've gotten my point across. Learn to love the fandub, people!
If you like what you hear, do visit my Voice Resume at:


All voices were done by me, TomaMoto. All additional sound effects are royalty free, so none of the audio in this clip was ripped from avatar.

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Cool, but it should have a pause/play/ff feature. and more Ju-Dee. All Ju-Dee, all the time.

"You want me to kick his ass?"

'We be Jammin'

Lol i love haters :D

Well the voice acting was pretty good, I thought. Didn't make me laugh but overall good job :3


Well, as the previous guy said, these low-score reviews tend to get voted down. Still, its better to write actual review than just "Voice acting is awesome >w<" 10 stars!!!!. Seriously... atleast tell what ya liked about the voiceacting?

Since, I found the voiceacting rather poor, just using toiletcomedy doesn't make it any better. (Tho it obviously appeals to younger, less educated audience.)
Also, if you have to start the video with a message like "ignore this copyrighted material I used for visual, and just concentrate on stuff I made my self." Well, how to put this. Thats the point where you should concider what you are doing, if you already haven't.
Now, I don't like hollywood milking every drop out of every copyright, but still, its better than making junk like this. Since atleast it is original that way. Well, they might have recycled ideas, but atleast they did alot of work to make their version of the idea.