Holzbach Cannon

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Fun little game where you shoot Mr. Holzbach's head as far as you can. To know the reasoning behind this game, click on the "What is This" button in the main menu. Even the weird looking floor has an explanation -- Thanks to Mo for the awesome sponsorship!

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My only suggestion is why use a cannon where you can use a tank instead?

lmao, a cannonball head, getting slapped and passed on... nice twist to the Toss The Turtle genre... or whatever genre this is actually classed at. The interface is simple, controls good, graphics smooth... fun idea! :)


eh got boring .

Got boring really quick there was way to many annoying noises ( like when the head thing or what ever gets caught by somebody that noise was just so annoying). but yeah like im sure many others have said its been done before and its been done better. Really all it need is less annoying noises and a more effctive way of launching.


could be better, but fun any ways. 1437 or somewhere around there. but yeah, its been done quite a few times...the one where your launching a cat into traps is still the best.


the cannon games a kinda over used but i got 1134.7!!!


Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2007
6:44 PM EDT
Skill - Toss