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Squirrel, a Symphony

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A puppet animation based on 'King Kong' and silent horror films of the 1930's such as 'Nosferatu'. In the depths of a forest a squirrel is attacked by evil knitted people, so he seeks them out to destroy their woolen brains in revenge...

This is a film animated by my sister (www.lizzlizz.com) a couple of years ago, we decided to convert it into Flash and submit it here. Hope you like it.

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Woah, this was better than expected. Great work on the stopmotion, or what looks like stopmotion. And it's not jus t random motions, there's actually a rather macabre story to go with it. It's graphical and surprisingly well-done. The occasional glimpses into a more colored world are nice details too. Keep it going!


All good

It all worked out well, you made this animation very well.


I love your horrific style. I've never seen something like this on NG but you've gotta keep making this stuff. It's beautiful in a creepy way, which I love. Keep up the work, its terrific!


ChromeShark responds:

I'm afraid this will probably be a one off (until i'm rich enough to employ animators to animate my ideas for me) because it is a veeery slow and boring process to be stuck in a room with a homemade taxidermy squirrel, a camera and some paper mache trees moving it frame by frame and trying not to move the background.

Thanks :o) Lizz

good one

that was a very interesting and unique animation. this one had a very original idea to it, nice graphics, cool audio and it was fun to watch. a definite nice change from some of the usual stuff you see here on NG.

ChromeShark responds:

Cool, its nice to know i've put something different on NG :o) Lizz


Haha, this is so great! I loved the ending, too! I actually liked the music, I thought it fit perfectly. Great job on the stop motion, too; I've always wanted to try it, but it just seems like way too much work... :p

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks, i'm glad you liked the ending. At first it was going to end just with the squirrel eating his acorns on the bed of wool but it didn't seem a creepy enough ending...no one can defeat those evil knitted creatures.....! :o) Lizz