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Onslaught 2

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A tower defence game that offers much more than the usual fare, with multiple upgrade paths, many maps, keyboard shortcuts and comination attacks. More information here:

http://onslaught.playr.co .uk/about.html

2008-09-10: Updated, new Targeter turret, modding interface, some bug fixes and other tweaks.

2007-10-30: Updated: New combonly turret, bug fixes, challenge modes, some speed enhancements.

2007-08-30: Updated: Now with sound, more weapons, shared maps, tons of bug fixes and efficiency improvements, targetting mode, new keyboard commands, heaps of stuff!

2008-04-12: Updated: New turret, directional targeting, bug fixes, some performance changes, revised keyboard shortcuts

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I FOUND IT YES!! After 10 years I have finally found it again! This was my favorite TD as a kid and could never remember the name of it!

Fun game with a steep learning curve. It looks straightforward but it is not. Play the tutorial.

A very fun game! Would recommend.

"This game is awesomer than the awesomest, 11 out of 10."

- moronic Studios Games Department

Amazing game! haven't played it in ages, but coming back to it... it's even better than I remembered