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A dad conceals his secret pedophile persona.

This cartoon was made mainly me (Woozle) with help by Snubby. It is my first Flash and I hope you enjoy it and vote! Please visit www.SnubbyLand.com for more cool stuff and exclusive content!


funny stuff

pedophelia is hard to make funny,there should be a sequal or pick up where it left off, the only thing i really have to bitch abouot is that the guy doesnt look pedophiley enough try adding that big rapist mustach and thick glasses and a sweater vest


I am never going to tell my dad to kiss my ass XD


wow lol

Quite good

It was quite good, though it was too short. Also, it wasnt too obvious that the guy was a pedophile. Maybe some background music too would help.

It does shock me a bit though that that child was swearing... Except that, it was quite good

Snubby responds:

Child was swearing? So?


A step-dad thinks about what he wants/wants to get away with in this short flash. I have to say that I am really suprised at how much I enjoyed this flash. The title "Pedophile" does not exactly ring "hilariousness" in my book, but you took it to the extreme. I liked your faux-end? button as it was not something I recall seeing before. I would however of liked a play button to start the animation as I don't like it starting right off the bat. The look of the characters is reminiscent of Dr. Kats or Home Movies, it's simple and could use a little touching up. I liked the slightly obscured backgrounds and the voices match.


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Snubby responds:

Thanks for the helpful comments. My buddy Woozle made this and it's pretty much the first time he's made anything in Flash, so that's why the characters are so sketchy. I'm sure with some practice he'll be doing better.

Play button is a good idea too. I always neglect those.

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3.14 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2007
6:23 AM EDT
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