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My Brother

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EDIT: Changed the credits to make sure that everyone involved got a mention!

I'd been wanting to animate one of Martyn's songs since I first heard his music. Coincidentally it was my actual brother who is the link between us. Obvious influences in this are cute styles of anime and manga, and all locations are from actual photographs I took in London. This is part of my final college project which is currently exhibiting at Shrewsbury College. I'm the first to admit I'm not the best artist in the world, but try to look past the wiggly lines and follow the story.
I do ask that you don't tell people how it ends, as it has more effect if people don't know what the final scene contains. Thank you.

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Nice flick

Well this here was a good little flick with some decent entertaining value i like your style also like the use of the color here really nice work


wow you made a animation about my 7 year old life ( i ran away alot but never got out of my street )

i love the animation, smooth sweet and cortoony ( my opinion )
the last part made me cry, for the reson is i ran away alot ( I WAS 7)

mr-darlington responds:

Thank you very much ^_^


Good animation in this one too, the outlines look nice and the colors are flow together. The music fits in nicely as well, and I like the style of art in this. Nice combination of different graphics. Keep it up!


mr-darlington responds:

Thank you :D

cool :)

Some of the simpliest things are the best things in my opinion, so it doesn't matter that your not the best artist in the world ~( be pretty boring if one was? having no where to improve) but this tells the story great and the music works well with it all. The animation was smooth as was the style which had lots of nice little touches.

mr-darlington responds:

Thanks dude!


HEY man...you rock...this falsh is awesome...now i'm cofused do i prefer the falshe please or brother.

mr-darlington responds:

Thanks KiwiCard. I personally prefer this one because so much more work went into it than my Please animation.