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Author Comments

Music video for Carbon by VNV Nation. Four months of personal epiphany on the issue of global warming.

Microsoft has gone on record as saying that climate change is the most important issue facing business (more so even then Vista!). For something that will change the face of the economic and natural world, it would be good to see more Newgrounds material related to the issue.

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now if i ever wanted to hear something...

... about global warming... i'd want it to be something like this. This video, mixed with VNV Nation... equals awesome... and its full of truth. Your video has actually helped me see what vnv nation ment when they did that song. Up untill now... i never really listened to the lyrics for that song... but this helped me see what they were trying to say. I thank you for making this video. (plus... it had vnv nation in it... my favorite band.) thats one reason why i came to watch it... but seeing this... i'm happy that i watched it. Now if only people would listen to this and start caring about the world... then i'd be even happier... but from the looks of things... thats saddly not going to happen.

cool translation of heated topic

Interesting piece

Great feel for soundtrack – helps get a lot of mileage out of the clip

The rough drawing adds to the impact and visceral connection

Maybe the energy life-blood / pulse idea might work better as oil, rather than coal / mining.

Livingdeadmeat might have a point, but only a small one. It might be true – I don’t know for sure - that CO2 levels in the past followed temperature rise, rather than causing it.

But even if CO2 levels did follow temperature, that doesn’t disprove the global warming thesis –since we’re now artificially releasing billions of tons of CO2, and CO2 can act as heat shield, so what happens naturally isn’t necessarily a template of whats going to happen now.

We burn 4 cubic kilometres of oil, and who knows how much coal – presumably much more - every year – looking at the past won’t tell you how the climate system handles the introduction of that much CO2.

(Wonder if the cynics think the hole in the ozone layer was a fake as well; maybe pushed by the rivals of CFC producers?)

outstanding ^_^

This flash was brilliant! I loved the song! good work... ^_^

Good work

Great job, but I think you could have done more animation wise. The best part is with the figures marching over the landscape, and I would have liked to have seen more. Love that song though.

ThatChadGuy responds:

Thanks! This was as much an expression of my first crack at a new drawing pad as much as it was global warming. :)


global warming is a figment of Algore's imagination.

or an amazing marketing scam, your choice

Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2007
5:20 AM EDT