Red and Blue . E1

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Red and Blue . E1

The movie kicks off the series of Red and Blue! Its about two ninjas that always fight and they keep score as displayed at the end of the episode. As you can tell by watching the first half of the movie. And one has anger problems. Well i this should be the start of my first official series. I hope you enjoy. Oh and heres some Fun Facts_ 2626 frames _ 24 fps _ worktime 5 days_ Betatesters = 6 and thats about it. so again ENJOY.




...pezboy you never told me of this movie, it was funny, but pointless, and i think the part of blue at the begining lingered a little to long, but i liked how right outta nowhere he snatched that tastey fly, and the humor made up for the bad parts, although i thought blue slapped red from nowhere and popped him so good he flew off, but i guess red slapped and ran, all in all it should turn out to be a great series, although people will expect you to make them longer and more violent, if you look at how the madness series began it was a guy who ot annoyed with a song so smashed the other on the head with a radio and now it has spawned into a mad killing spree of total randomness, but good job pezboy, imma looking forward to this next one, and send me a warning threw new grounds when you release it, thanks


A Good Start.

I liked it. It wasn't bad, although it wasn't excellent. I laughed at the end up of the slap fest where Red did the cheap hit at the end. The eating of the fly was also somewhat humorous. For the first this was okay. You should be able to improve on it and make a successful series. Good Luck!

Pezboy440 responds:

Thanks i;m glad you liked it and in the next one it will take a cool turn form movieclips to cool fbf.

I liked it.

It starts off slow, but I really laughed at the slapping part. That's pretty good.

Pezboy440 responds:

glad you liked it. :D

Its alright...

But it nearly put me to sleep. I'm not saying its bad or anything but it didn't exactly keep me at the edge of my seat.
Work on your art a little, it looks like his limbs are tacked on..
also, less tweening.

Pezboy440 responds:

k i will its just the sart in the next one i;ll probably do more fbf than tweening.

Good Movie I protected it

Well, Like I said good movie I probaly won't be blamed I know it. It was classic too ninjas beating the crud outta each other way cool! The ninja eating the fly was funny. I have no sound that eplains the rating hontsly i liked it I hope it goes far but comon you gave red a tally blue kicked his butt oh well you made it thius is my summary

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Pezboy440 responds:

well if you liked it why did you give it a 4 ????

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3.20 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2007
9:21 PM EDT
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