Orb Avoidance

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You must avoid the incoming orbs as they fly into your mouse.

Touching the boxes or the orbs will mean game over for you - but if the orbs touch the boxes, it's game over for them too!

Outmanuever the orbs and force them to crash into the blocks.

As you destroy more orbs, the combo bonus will rise, giving you more and more points per hit.

Constructive critism is apprieciated.



nice game.
I like the smooth crisp feel overall.

found a glitch though. If you die while the game is creating a new box, the new box doesn't get deleted when the game restarts. It can't hurt you or kill balls, but it's very distracting.


what type of score is NaN? is it good?

Otherwise it's kinda fun. It could use a pause button.

Does it work on the Wii browser?

Cool Game!

A bit slow at first, but once the walls of balls start coming at you, things get real interesting.

My Score: 2,740,535

Got this score during my lunch break.

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I thought it was a good game but I was able to get a ton of points just hanging out in a small space between two blocks where the orbs couldn't get me and when I got really close to the blocks the orbs couldn't get me so you might want to fix that in Orb 2 so people can get alot of points. I kept racking up points until I got bored and committed suicide (when I did I had a crap load of points and every wave there was a wall of balls coming at me).


this is a good game it was fun but i found a fake box the orbs couldn't crash into it but it killed my cursor and if you make your cursor go fast over a box it goes right through.But it is still a good game.

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3.89 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2007
5:52 PM EDT
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