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Incubus Pulsum

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Author Comments

This game is HARD! You won't beat it on your first try but after a few tries you'll get better.

Don't skip the instructions, but if you must ARROW KEYS ready a mallet and A swings them.

Hints and tips below

In this challenging but addicting game, you must smash the dream creatures before they reach the portal to the real world. Don't let your energy reach 0 or the results are horrible. Oh the humanity! This will happen for your first few tries, but after a few tries you'll start to get better at the game. Enjoy our work and pay a visit to those talented audio artists' pages! Can YOU win the mystery prize?


You won't win on your first try, but don't give up! The game seems easier and easier every time you play through it. Eventually you'll be 5-clouding hard mode every time you play. Not insane mode though, it's nearly impossible (but don't worry, there's nothing it unlocks anyway)

If a pattern is side-diagonal-side, hold the side button down through the whole patern and just tap up or down when the diagonal one comes through. Same way for up-diagonal-up or similar patterns.

The hardest key combination is up and down at the same time. Make it easy for yourself and use 1 finger to hold down both keys.

If you're having trouble hitting notes on beat, try to concentrate more on the music than the visual representation. This will help, but it doesn't mean you can close your eyes and play.


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This game is fun. But there is a negative point. The animation when you miss(the monster entering the portal) is very distrscting! I really want you to make it less distracting

This is one I really wanted to like back in the day and it could've been really good but it's just not, it's f*cking horrible to play, not just because it's stupidly hard and unforgiving on the note timing but half the notes don't even match up with the music which is absolutely inexcusable for a rhythm-music game. Another thing that would've really helped QOL-wise is instead of forcing the player to cramp their f*cking fingers, get rid of the smash button completely so it just hits the notes automatically and use both WASD and arrow keys for hitting multiple notes at once (like how the console versions of DDR use both the D-pad and face buttons).

BoMToons responds:

Yeah, can't say I disagree with your points... it's a really cool concept to this day though!


i have fine rhythm, and found that half of your critters are too far off the mark to register as correct hits. =(


This is a rather challenging game. But, I like the beat and the music! :)

Too hard

I can't even pass the goddamn easy. Would be better.

Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2007
8:31 AM EDT